[OpenAFS] Mac OS X and AFPD...

Prof. Thomas Stricker" <tomstr@inf.ethz.ch Prof. Thomas Stricker" <tomstr@inf.ethz.ch
Fri, 31 May 2002 11:17 MET

A topic related to the discussion about "homes" in AFS.

In my long experience with CAP and Netatalk I experienced a variety of
problems bridging between AFP (Apple File Sharing). Did anybody look
into using a Mac OS X server with OpenAFS to make the bridge. 

Can the OS X "afpd" generate the capabilities for accessing and serving
files out of OpenAFS. This would be a great capability.

Best regards

PS: Successfully using OpenAFS on my Mac OS X machine also requires
that all numerical "userids" are defined on my local machines. I 
observed many glitches when I use one account to login and a different
numerical userid to generate an AFS token for. This does not work
properly in the MacOS X finder. Commandline was ok.

So generating the corresponding userid entries for each user with a home
in AFS probably needs to be done in additon to generating tokens with
PAM.  The problem looks tricky and requires certainly a lot of
dedication to do it right and without glitches. The solution is of a big
importance for many educational institution who use campus wide
home-directories in AFS and want to go for Mac OS X machine