[OpenAFS] rsync on afs-client

Matt Bacchi mbacchi@gmavt.net
Fri, 28 Mar 2003 08:56:42 -0500

 > Rsync only transfers the incremental changes, does the afs-client also
 > only load these changes over the network?
 > or is every file that is checked by rsync transferred totally over the
 > network to the afs cache?

The client cache will request complete files from the fileserver.  rsync 
will then have to examine the file itself and determine what an 
'incremental change' is.

 > We are still not sure how to do backup, our next idea is to take an
 > afs
 > client and to rsync the whole afs directory tree.

This is not an acceptable method.  AFS backup preserves ACLs, rsync does 
not.  Your solution will require one full backup for each day of the 
week.  How else do you propose to do a restore if some files have 
changed but others have not?  Learn how to use the AFS backup system, it 
is simple enough to get a basic backup schedule in place.  If you have 
more specific questions ask them here, or read the AFS Adminitrators Guide.