[OpenAFS] New Server problems

Jeffrey Hutzelman jhutz@cmu.edu
Tue, 13 Jul 2004 11:18:29 -0400

On Tuesday, July 13, 2004 08:09:29 -0500 Michael Robokoff 
<mrobo@ahpcrc.org> wrote:

> I have built and installed 2 new afs servers to replace some older
> equipment and I am have a strange problem and I was wondering if
> anyone can help with this.
> Here is the problem. The 3 original servers are a, b, & c. The new
> servers are a1 & b1. When I add the new servers as database servers to a,
> b, & c's  CellServDB file and restart the DB services all works fine. The
> problem is when I add b1 to a1's CellServDB file and restart the db
> services or if I add a1 to b1's  CellServDB file and restart the db
> services. In either case the DB services fail
> to start as shown by bos status output below.

Uh.  You are asking for trouble if the CellServDB's are not the same on all 
of your database servers.  The voting algorithm requires that every 
server's copy of the server list be identical, or bad things will happen.

You included fairly boring output from 'bos status', but nothing from the 
logfiles.  If you loog at the logs, the ptserver and vlserver should 
indicate _why_ they are failing to start.

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