Re[5]: [OpenAFS] found some localhost error msgs

Horst Birthelmer
Wed, 14 Jul 2004 21:21:17 +0200

On Jul 14, 2004, at 11:49 AM, Ron Croonenberg wrote:

> Uhm no this is a Linux ES 3  server.
> The problem apparently was the /etc/hosts file. after I fixed that one 
> the
> loopback adapter didn't show up in the "vos listvld" anymore.
> However I still have a problem with the windows client (AFS server 
> manager)
> seeing a server in the new afs cell I created.
>> That has nothing to do with your CellServDB.
>> This happens sometimes on Windows AFS servers when you have more than
>> one interface and you start AFS without having  the correct ip address
>> up.
> uhm, where does one set "the correct IP address" in the windows 
> software ?
> CellServDB ?

You shouldn't have to. You should never get any machine listed that is 
a 'poor' AFS-Client... ;-)
CellServDB is just for database servers.

Since you've been talking about the windows AFS server manager I 
thought maybe you're running AFS as a server on that windows box.
Ok, never mind.