[OpenAFS] Windows clients: suggestions?

Sensei senseiwa@tin.it
Thu, 29 Jul 2004 15:48:07 +0200

On Thu, 2004-07-29 at 15:19, Jeffrey Altman wrote:  
> You are driving us crazy.  You just said yesterday the bug was present
> in 1.3.66.

65, not 66. Yesterday I used the 65 version and got back to 64:

``I tried, I cannot login with the latest release, there must be a bug (it
crashes), so I stepped back to 1.3.640 (or 650 i don't remember). There
seems no way of having profiles as I would.''

> Those of us working on this product are working very hard to produce
> and deliver a stable version without bugs so that people can
> distribute software to their users for the Fall. Please be careful
> what you say because it results in other people wasting their time
> searching to reproduce problems which do not exist when you are not
> careful.

Sure, I'll be more careful, or better, I will take notes. :)

> As for the need for Active Directory.  Windows assumes it is working
> in an Active Directory domain and when that is true it is able to do
> many things which cannot be done without their
> level of integration.  If you want to replace Active Directory with
> Samba that is fine, but Samba must replicate everything that Active
> Directory does.  Active Directory is LDAP.  So if you want to remote
> manage your accounts via LDAP you can do so.

Should work... I hope. At this moment, all we need is an integrated
login, gaining k5 tickets, afs tokens and replacing the ``users and
settings'' --- or whatever it's called in the windows world /home ---
with the afs volume. Nothing more.

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