[OpenAFS] Problem with Loging in

Luis Bivar Ramos lbramos@netcabo.pt
Wed, 2 Jun 2004 11:10:40 +0100

Sorry for not mention that, on my first email.

Everything's ok now! The problem was caused by several mistakes I =
Some users were missing the .bashrc file, login and ssh at pam.d had to =
reconfigured, among other things...

Thanks for your help,

Luis Bivar Ramos
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"Luis Bivar Ramos" <lbramos@netcabo.pt> writes:

> Hi,
> I don't think that the ssh version is a problem, cause i also can't =
> the machine (locally)!
> I'm using krb4 from AFS.
> Luis Bivar Ramos

First of all, You did not mention in your original mail, that You can
not log in locally.

Secondly, You can log in with ssh, but do not get a valid token. So it
either is=20

        a) a problem with Your ssh, where problems with certain
           versions are known to exist=20

        b) Your PAM configuration, do You really need pam_ldap befor
           pam_afs and pam_unix?

So please send a debug output of your ssh session and you server


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