[OpenAFS] problems moving volumes

Frode Nilsen mailing-lists@cyberpunks.no
Thu, 03 Jun 2004 03:52:59 +0200


I have two servers; server A is running redhat 7.3.2 with openafs 1.2.7
and using KA for authentication. Server B is running fc1 with openafs
1.2.11 and using MIT Kerberos for authentication and ldap for

What I want is to move all users volumes from server A to B, but I keep
getting the following error: 

# vos move user.frodo kaktus /vicepa hansa /vicepa hib.no
Could not fetch the list of partitions from the server
rxk: security object was passed a bad ticket
rxk: security object was passed a bad ticket

I believe it has something to do with the afs key being different on
each server. I have tried to add a new key (same password) to each, but
it doesn't seam to work. So is there anyone out there with the clue to
how I am going to make this work?