[OpenAFS] Placing an AFS server behind a NAT

Lester Barrows barrows@email.arc.nasa.gov
Thu, 10 Jun 2004 10:50:18 -0700

I'm attempting to place an AFS fileserver behind a NAT experimentally. I've 
statically assigned a routable IP address on the router to redirect traffic 
to the AFS server, and created the /usr/afs/local/NetInfo file as such:

f (external IP address)

This doesn't seem to work, as other systems still see the internal (to the 
NAT) IP address, and never fail over to the external address. This is the 
case even if I create a /usr/afs/local/NetRestrict file containing the 
internal IP address and restart the AFS server. I've even tried putting the 
internal IP address in the NetInfo file before the "fake" address, but it 
doesn't seem to work either way.

Is there anything that I'm missing, or are there perhaps additional steps 
which need to be taken in order to get the VLDB to advertise the external IP 
address? I'm running the 1.2.11 RPMs on Redhat AS 3.0 downloaded from 


Lester Barrows
Asani Solutions, LLC
Code IC Systems Group
NASA Ames Research Center