[OpenAFS] 1.3.64 kernel extensions crash AIX 5.1

Horst Birthelmer horst@riback.net
Fri, 18 Jun 2004 12:17:57 +0200

On Friday, June 18, 2004, at 11:25  AM, Hans-Gunther Borrmann wrote:

> I compiled 1.3.64 under AIX 5.1. If I start the client, the kernel 
> extensions
> get loaded and /afs is mounted. But each attempt to acess a file in AFS
> crahes the system immediately. Only "ls /afs" is possible.
> If I replace the kernel extensions by the extensions provided by 
> Hartmut
> Reuter client and server work in my test environment. His OpenAFS 
> client is
> even in production here in Freiburg for several weeks without any 
> problems.

Well, I have no idea what Hartmut did ... AFAIK the support for AIX 5.x 
has been done by Hartmut.
My client works as well and I can do more than just a "ls /afs". ;-) 
(but that's AIX 5.2)
I do have other problems like loosing contact with some fileservers 
after a few minutes due to changing uuid checks which I couldn't fix