[OpenAFS] Errorreport - 1.3.71 volserver unresponsive

Daniel Ahlin dah@pdc.kth.se
01 Oct 2004 19:25:41 +0200


We have two fileservers running 1.3.71 (with the modification
include/rx/rx_globals.h:#define RX_MAX_FRAGS set to 1) on a (somewhat
patched (improved inode reclaiming in highmem)) 2.4.24 kernel that
seems to be unresponsive after having said:

Volser: DumpVolume: Rx call failed during dump, error -01

in the VolserLog.

I am not sure if this is a openafs related bug or machine
related. However, both servers worked well with (likewise modified)
1.3.51, so I think it is likely to be related to the new version.

Symptoms are, roughly:
vos (of the same and older versions) against the two servers don't
finish (i e appear to hang).

* Configured with:
  ./configure --prefix=/usr/openafs --enable-full-vos-listvol-switch \
  --enable-debug --enable-bitmap-later --enable-fast-restart \
  --enable-largefile-fileserver --enable-supergroups \
  --disable-kernel-module --with-afs-sysname=i386_linux24

* The servers are both smp machines running the threaded volserver.

* The entry in the log appeared in conjunction with a running vos

Daniel Ahlin