Re[2]: [OpenAFS] drive mappings with the windows xp client

Ron Croonenberg
Wed, 6 Oct 2004 13:29:57 EST

Correct, that is the problem...

however, I have an older AFS server running here (OpenAFS 1.2.8) and I don't
have a problem connecting to that one. (and with don't have a problem I mean,
that when I get tokens to the older afs server, I can connect and do all the
stuff one expects).



>My understanding of Ron's problem is that when he attempts to perform
>a drive mapping either from afscreds.exe, afs_config.exe or via NET USE,
>that the drive mapping apparently succeeds where succeeds is defined as
>a drive letter is available for use.  However, any attempt to use that
>drive letter to actually access AFS results in no information being
>returned by AFS to the Windows SMB/CIFS client.  This is true regardless
>of whether the cell being accessed requires AFS authentication or not.
>I have accessed Ron's cells from my system without experiencing the
>problems he is describing.  If I remember correctly, Ron also has some
>Novell client software installed on his machine.  I think there might
>be some interaction between the Novell client software and AFS but I am
>not sure.
>Identifying the real cause of this problem is going to require someone
>with knowledge of OpenAFS for Windows internals sitting down on a
>machine that suffers from the problem with a debugger to identify what
>requests are being received from the Windows SMB/CIFS client and why
>those requests are not being processed successfully.  At the moment I
>don't have time to volunteer to do this.
>Jeffrey Altman

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