Re[2]: [OpenAFS] drive mappings with the windows xp client

Ron Croonenberg
Wed, 6 Oct 2004 13:59:23 EST

Yes I know. However I have problems connecting to that cell
( from windows machines.
I installed windows XP from scratch on a Dell Optiplex 260, and updated with
SP2. Thewre's nothing on there but Windows XP SP2. After installing the OpenAFS
windows client I experience the same problems. (And the Global drive "trick
doesn't work there either)



>When you gave me access to your new cell I had no problem connecting
>to that one from any of my machines authenticated or not.
> > I mean.  it looks like the drive is there, but not in AFS space.  in
> > the drive "type" is RAW. Also, no files in the directory show up
>nothing can be
> > created either.
> >
> > Yes I am authenticated,  I have tokens..  and yes the ACL's are
>validf too.
> >
> > "it" works when I use the  Linux AFS client.
> >
> > I just  setup a clean install, Windows XP with SP2 and nothing else on a
> > machine. I installed the windows AFS client and have the same problem.
>I too have used clean XP SP2 installs without problems.  There must be
>something different about your environment which makes a difference.
>Whatever it is is subtle.  The only way to track this down is with
>access to an affected machine, a debugger, and time.
>Jeffrey Altman

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