Re[2]: [OpenAFS] drive mappings with the windows xp client

Ron Croonenberg
Thu, 7 Oct 2004 12:18:52 EST

Hi Jeffrey,

this is what I did.

C:\>net use q: \\AFS\\home\cowboy
The command completed successfully.

after this I can use that Q drive like expected.  it is in AFS space etc etc.
files can be opened/created/modified with explorer etc.



>the afs drivemap library pretty much passes requests onto the WNet APIs
>for performing drive mapping.  What I would accept as a statement is
>that the Explorer Shell uses the APIs differently from how the AFS drive
>mapping API does it.
>I would be interested in knowing if you are able to successfully use the
>drives when mapped via "NET USE".
>Ron Croonenberg wrote:
>> When I create a drive mapping with the Windows client the drive mapping
>> seem to be correct (for some reason I end up with a partition being "RAW
>> instead of it being in AFS space and I don't have access to the volume at
>> However,  when I "Map Network drive" (menu option when right clicking on "My
>> Computer" or "My Network Places") everything seems to be working as it is
>> supposed to.  (I use a "folder"  like
>> when doing the drive mapping)
>> Can I assume that the only thing that is "going wrong" is that the XP AFS
>> somehow doesn't do the drive mapping correctly ?
>> thanks,
>> Ron

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