[OpenAFS] FS exited on signal 6

Matthew Cocker matt@cs.auckland.ac.nz
Mon, 11 Oct 2004 16:08:21 +1300

> You should look in the FileLog and see why.

There appears to be nothing that is not in the Filelog of a server that 
is running normally.

> Maybe, you haven't told us what the real issue is, yet.

We get these non-crashes which stop all users on a server accessing 
their afs volumes. Shutting down the server (sometimes requires hardware 
reset) and salvaging fixes the the problem.

The real question is how can we avoid the unscheduled outages?

And why is a signal 6 entry in boslog followed by automatic salvage and 
restart of the FS, nearly always followed within 24 hours with another 
total lock up where as manually started salvages seem to keep things 
happier for longer?