[OpenAFS] Some quirks with OpenAFS...

Lars Schimmer schimmer@cg.cs.tu-bs.de
Mon, 11 Oct 2004 14:48:14 +0200

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Just some more questions for understanding and working right...
We have some fileservers and clients. Redhat servers with version 1.2.11
and debian with 1.3.71.
The main database server is a redhat 1.2.11 with a high IP.
After time i setup a second database server with debian 1.3.71 with a
lower IP than the redhat server and I thought it went well.
But now after a breakdown of the redhat server, it doesn't work well...
Yes, I haven't release the root.cell and root.afs volumes, but now I
released them to every fileserver.
Question 1: is it enough just to vos addsite and vos release the
root.afs and root.cell to every fileserver? In case of failure of RedHat
server, could the debian server work like the main database server with
the readonly copy of the root.cell/root.afs volumes? I release them
every night only...

Problem number 2 is something about RO copies, to.
I set a number of RO copies from the RW volumes in the system here. Some
RO on 1.2.11, some on 1.3.71, some RW on 1.2.11, some on 1.3.71.
But only the RW volumes are mounted. After failure of one RW volume
today, my partner wanted to remount a RO as a RW.
With the redhat 1.2.11 he didn't found a option to covert a RO to RW, is
this right?
And with the debian 1.3.71 he got a error "unknown protocol version" or
incompatible version, he didn't write it down :-(
Any known problems, or any hints for me? (Yes, I want debian 1.3.71 on
every server, BUT.....)

Question 3 just for understanding: does OpenAFS automatic find a RO copy
for data read if a RW isn't found?

Cya & Thanks
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