[OpenAFS] Question about RO/RW Volumes...

Hartmut Reuter reuter@rzg.mpg.de
Wed, 13 Oct 2004 11:03:22 +0200

use the "-rw"  option for "fs mkm" to force use of the RW volume.
We do the same: all user volumes are mounted with -rw and have 2
RO copies one in the same partition to make the reclone fast and
another one on another fileserver as a backup in case the 1st
partition gets lost.

We also have another tree where the RO-volumes are mounted to
allow users to get back their files from yesterday.

The automatic release of volumes theat have changed is done in
a cron job on each fileserver machine during the night.


Lars Schimmer wrote:
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> Hi!
> Just a question about RO/RW copies.
> We have set up 3 volumes for every user (home, work, ftp) and few other=
> with CVS, svn, data,...
> For easy backup we've made RO copies of nearly all volumes.
> But now, with 2 database servern and all the RO copies, we run into a
> problem not thought about before.
> With the 2nd database server in the cellservdb, most machine use the RO=

> copies of the volumes. With some volumes (archive, cdonline) that's OK
> for working (but hey, these data isn't really small to hold a RO copy),=

> but with CVS, svn or home dirs, a RO copy-mount isn't really nice.
> How can we be sure, to have RW Access to these volumes?
> It would be nice, if OpenAFS would loadbalance the read to all the RW &=

> RO volumes, but write only to the RW volume and than automaticly releas=
> this volume...
> The only dirty solution I found is to mount the root.cell volume RW as
> /afs/.url.to.domain to have guranteed RW access to the volumes.
> Cya
> Lars
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