[OpenAFS] Domain registry keys problem in 1.3.7100 for Windows

Lukas Kubin kubin@opf.slu.cz
Wed, 13 Oct 2004 12:00:29 +0200

I'm trying to setup registry keys for OpenAFS so that "Integrated login 
failed" is not displayed when logging in Windows XP using local account. 
It is similar setup as that one displayed in the registry.txt file 
attached to release 1.3.7100.
I created two keys under NetworkProvider/Domain. One is "LOCALHOST" and 
the another is "OUR.REALM". "LOCALHOST" contains FailLoginsSilently=1 
and LogonOptions=0 values. "OUR.REALM" only contains LogonOptions=1.

1. The problem is OpenAFS client ignores this setup and always displays 
"Integrated login failed: ..." when logging into local account.
2. Another problem is when I log into Samba Domain I only have AFS 
tokens and no K5 tickets in KfW 2.6.5

How can I solve these problems?