[OpenAFS] Domain registry keys problem in 1.3.7100 for Windows

Lukas Kubin kubin@opf.slu.cz
Wed, 13 Oct 2004 16:39:03 +0200

Sorry I didn't reply into mailing list.
The entries I'm working with are FailLoginsSilently and LogonOptions (I 
wrote it in the top-thread letter). By looking better (or/and using my 
brain more extensively than previously) into the .msi tables in Orca I 
found that "DWORD" values were preceeded with #  string. So I instead of 
typing "1" or "0" into appropriate fields I had to type "#1" or "#0" 
It might be a beginner's only problem. I 've never edited .msi before. 
Sorry for disturbing you with it.
May I have one more question? Is there any option how to tell OpenAFS 
not to show the AFS login window after logging in using local account only?
Thank you.


Jeffrey Altman napsal(a):

> The MSI certainly creates registry entries of type DWORD.  If it
> didn't, OpenAFS would probably crash when it received configuration data
> of the wrong type.  Since you have not specified what entries are
> not being set properly it is not possible to check to see if those
> entries are configured properly in the MSI.  If they are not configured
> properly it would be a bug that should be filed at 
> openafs-bugs@openafs.org.
> Jeffrey Altman
> Lukas Kubin wrote:
>> Thank you for your answer.
>> I found a problem with creating the registry values of .msi installer 
>> using Orca: I set the registry values correctly, however the 
>> installer creates them in registry as "REG_SZ" type instead of 
>> "DWORD". Don't you know if there's a way how to force them to be 
>> "DWORD"?
>> Thank you.
>> lukas
>> Jeffrey Altman napsal(a):
>>> Lukas Kubin wrote:
>>>> I'm trying to setup registry keys for OpenAFS so that "Integrated 
>>>> login failed" is not displayed when logging in Windows XP using 
>>>> local account. It is similar setup as that one displayed in the 
>>>> registry.txt file attached to release 1.3.7100.
>>>> I created two keys under NetworkProvider/Domain. One is "LOCALHOST" 
>>>> and the another is "OUR.REALM". "LOCALHOST" contains 
>>>> FailLoginsSilently=1 and LogonOptions=0 values. "OUR.REALM" only 
>>>> contains LogonOptions=1.
>>>> 1. The problem is OpenAFS client ignores this setup and always 
>>>> displays "Integrated login failed: ..." when logging into local 
>>>> account.
>>> File a bug with openafs-bugs@openafs.org and someone will take a 
>>> look at it when I have time.
>>>> 2. Another problem is when I log into Samba Domain I only have AFS 
>>>> tokens and no K5 tickets in KfW 2.6.5
>>> Integrated login cannot pass Kerberos 5 tickets from the Network 
>>> Provider to the users logon session.  Therefore KFW will never have
>>> tickets.  If you want the users to obtain K5 tickets and have them
>>> be used in the logon session, the workstation must obtain them via
>>> Microsoft's Kerberos LSA.
>>> Jeffrey Altman