[OpenAFS] is AFS right for me? (mail servers)

Jerry Amundson jerry@pbs.com
Thu, 14 Oct 2004 14:50:04 -0500

This is my first venture into AFS, so 
bear with my coverage of some basic terminology.

I'm looking to re-implement the mail service for my company's two
offices. We currently have a single machine receiving and serving 
all mail (using maildir). My theory is looking something like:

Site 1                                      Site 2
------                                      ------
MTA gateway                                 MTA gateway
(and AFS client) [delivering (write files)] (and AFS client)
   |                       |                   |
   |                       v                   |
MTA server                                  MTA server
(AFS client     / AFS volume(s) for  \     (AFS client
   and          |                    |      and
AFS server)     \ maildir storage    /      AFS server)

Both sites have T1 Internet connections, which will provide the
IPsec connection for the two mail servers.

Q1: Can T1 speed adequately support two AFS servers (both being R/W)?

Current size of the maildir's is 21 GB, but growth is expected.

Q2: What are practical size limitations of Coda volumes?

The general goal is redundancy (of course). If Site 1's T1 is down,
Site 2 still has access to e-mail, as do any remote users.

Q3: Each maildir filename is 70 or so char in length. Maximum number of 
files per directory? Yes, I've *searched* the archives. The only answer 
I find is something like, "search the archives - it's there".

I guess I'll work out more details later - backups, performance, 
and so on...