[OpenAFS] largefile support question

Tony D'Amato tdamato@odu.edu
Thu, 14 Oct 2004 16:53:46 -0400

I'm sure that this may have been answered, but I've been googling for
several minutes trying to find the status of the largefile support in
the OpenAFS server (we're keen to have this, and so I'm running 1.3.70
on our RedHat Linux 9 w/ patches servers, upgraded from 1.2.11.)

I checked the Wiki here, but the information looks a little old:


I also checked Bug number 1493 ("beginning resurrection of largefile
support") on the Central.org RT server below:


Now, my question is this... what would be the process from moving a file
server from non-largefile to largefile support? We've got enough disk
space on three servers that moving volumes around would not be a problem
(inconvenient, but not a problem *grin*)


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