[OpenAFS] Re: is AFS right for me? (mail servers)

Jerry Amundson jerry@pbs.com
Thu, 14 Oct 2004 19:51:18 -0500

On Thu October 14 2004 05:17 pm, Derek Atkins wrote:
> Jerry Amundson <jerry@pbs.com> writes:
> > Q2: What are practical size limitations of Coda volumes?
> What does Coda have to do with anything here?

Err, the same basic message went to the coda list too - my find/replace 
missed the capital c. :-)

> In AFS, volume size is mostly limited by the amount of time it would
> take to move the volume from one server to anotion.
> > The general goal is redundancy (of course). If Site 1's T1 is down,
> > Site 2 still has access to e-mail, as do any remote users.
> Uhh, keep in mind that AFS does NOT support multiple RW replicas.  A
> RW volume lives on one and only one server.  This means if a user's
> homedir is on server A at site 1 and site 1's T1 goes down, the users
> homedir is effectively offline from site 2 or the external internet.
> Similarly, if mail arrives at MTA-2 on site 2 for user A while site
> 1's T1 is down, MTA-2 will NOT be able to store the mail in the
> user's maildir, because the maildir will be inaccessible.
> > Q3: Each maildir filename is 70 or so char in length. Maximum
> > number of files per directory? Yes, I've *searched* the archives.
> > The only answer I find is something like, "search the archives -
> > it's there".
> About 32k files / dir.

Thank you for the answers.