[OpenAFS] 160Gb disk space

Jimmy Engelbrecht jimmy@kth.se
21 Oct 2004 23:20:15 +0200

Enric Font <killu_projecte@yahoo.com> writes:

> And, what's exactly your disk configuration?

One single partition on every server about 500-1400 GB

> I mean,
> how many volumes have every computer?

i few thousands on every server, maybe about 2000-5000

> how many
> computers you have,

4 servers.
about 200-400 clients

> and how many disk space can
> contain a single volume? 1 Gb?

can ? i dont know.
my largest is about 50 GB

160 GB volumes would be possible but also very uncomfortable.

> I can't find it nowhere. What recomend me to do with a
> disk of 160Gb in one computer? 

well, one single partition would do fine.