[OpenAFS] AFS kernel module

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
Mon, 25 Oct 2004 20:23:32 -0400

Maurizio Santini <msantini@pictage.com.ar> writes:

> I forgot to say that I first installed the rpms
> openafs-client-1.2.8-rh7.3.1.i386.rpm, openafs-1.2.8-rh7.3.1.i386.rpm
> openafs-kernel-source-1.2.8-rh7.3.1.i386.rpm,
> openafs-kernel-1.2.8-rh7.3.1.i386.rpm then I did configure, make and
> make install in /usr/src/openafs-kernel-1.2.8/src/

Oh.  "make install" doesn't work.  Did you read the README file
in /usr/src/openafs-kernel-source-1.2.8?


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