Re[2]: [OpenAFS] win32 client 1.3.73

Ron Croonenberg
Fri, 29 Oct 2004 08:23:08 EST

Hello Gabe,

that almost sounds like the symptoms I experience with an AFS server that I set
up not too long ago. When you look at the properties of that mapped drive, does
it say it is "RAW" instead of "AFS" ?


>Gabe\ wrote:
>> Hello,
>>  I have been running OpenAFS 1.2.10 on redhat 8 for sometime with
>> linux/windows(1.2.10) clients. When I tried the 1.3.73 client on XP I
>> experienced some difficulty.  I have our entire cell (
>> mounted to /afs, NOT /afs/ I believe this is confusing
>> the client. After a successful install, and successfully obtaining
>> tokens, any attempt to view the mapped drive reveal only an empty
>> directory named Is there some way to force the client to
>> recognize my cell setup?
>> --Gabe Castillo
>You have not provided enough information for us to help you.
>First if you have not already read the afs-install-notes.txt file
>which is posted with the OpenAFS for Windows installers I suggest
>you do so.  Pay attention to the notes on Freelance mode and the
>use of Kerberos 5 as tokens (assuming you have installed KFW).
>Are you mounting /afs to the root.cell volume or the root.afs volume
>on Linux?
>Are you using Freelance mode or not?
>What have you added to the CellServDB file for your cell?
>If you are using Freelance mode, then Windows will map
>\\AFS\ to the root.cell volume on the cell.
>If that volume is empty, then you will not see any data.  You can
>manually modify the mount point to refer to root.afs using the "fs
>mkmount" and "fs rmmount" commands.
>If you are not using Freelance, then Windows will mount the root.afs
>volume of the default cell.
>Jeffrey Altman

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