Christian Pfaffel flash@itp.tu-graz.ac.at
08 Sep 2004 08:42:11 +0200

Maurizio Santini <msantini@pictage.com.ar> writes:

> I'm using openafs 1.2.11 and I've downloaded and installed the latest
> version of openssh (3.9) to be able to ssh to another host and have the
> token automatically assigned without having to issue klog again.
> I've compiled openssh with pam enabled, configured /etc/pam.d/login, ssh
> and system-auth and enabled UsePAM in sshd_config but I still have the
> same problem.  I can ssh and login but I don't get the token unless I
> issue klog.
> These are my pam configuration files:

I assume that You mean 'keyboard-interactive' authentication to a
host. If this is the case, an unpatched version of openssh will
propably not work if You have not put the following, see also
sshd_config(5), into Your sshd_config:

UsePrivilegeSeparation no

Another option is probably to recompile openssh with posixthreads


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