[OpenAFS] multiple tokens with same Unix user

Wes Chow wes@woahnelly.net
Thu, 9 Sep 2004 22:51:43 -0400

A totally different problem...

Is it possible to acquire AFS tokens via aklog for two different AFS
users using the same Unix account at the same time?

The background of the problem is this:

unix user = wchow
afs user = afswchow
afs user for cronjobs = afswchow.cron

The idea is to only use afswchow in an interactive setting, and use
afswchow/cron for cronjobs, where the keytab resides on a local
directory on each machine wchow needs to run a cronjob from.

The problem is the sequence:

1.  wchow authenticates as afswchow and grabs AFS tokens.
2.  cron job starts up as user wchow and authenticates as
afswchow/cron and grabs tokens for afswchow.cron.
3.  wchow's existing tokens for afswchow get replaced by
afswchow.cron's tokens.

I've figured out how to authenticate as different Kerberos principals
by specifying different ticket caches, but there doesn't seem to be an
analogous option for aklog.



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