[OpenAFS] 2 problems for me newbie...

Todd M. Lewis Todd_Lewis@unc.edu
Thu, 16 Sep 2004 08:32:29 -0400

Lars Schimmer wrote:
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> Horst Birthelmer wrote:
> |> 2. Is it possible in OpenAFS 1.3.70 to release all volumes under a
> |> "root" volume in one bosserver-command?
> |> E.G. volume home and under this "home" volume 500 volumes, each user one
> |> volume. Now I want to release ALL these 500 volumes with one command,
> |> but "vos release home.*" doesn't work. Yes, these 500 volumes are all
> |> named home.XYZ , so this could be easy.
> |> Right now i release them by hand, klog admin and then for i in.... do
> |> vos release home.$i...
> | It would be nice if you specify your 'i in ... do' a little.
> Yes, your right at all, more or less.
> Lets see my volumes:
> home
> home.usera
> home.userb
> home.userc
> home.userd
> And I want to release ALL volumes home.* in one command. Not by hand, it
> should run automatic.

Okay, I can imagine there might be a case when you need to release all 
the replicated volumes referenced below a certain mount point. But these 
look like users' home volumes. I don't think you want to replicate 
those. Each of them probably has a mount point in "home", but then you 
just have to release the replicated volume "home" if/when there are any 
changes to it (and presumably it only contains mount points for the 
other volumes).  Unless I'm being really forgetful -- which can happen 
this time of the morning -- I don't see why you would ever replicate 
users' home volumes, thus you should never have to release them.

> I know I can set up a command in bosserver to run automatic like cron,
> but I haven't found anything about RegEx, placeholders or wildcards in
> the vos release command.
> It would be nice for me if vos release home.* does the same like:
> ~ for i in `ls /afs/cell/home/`;do vos release -id home.$i; done

for i in `fs lsm /afs/@cell/home/* | \
           grep 'is a mount point for' | \
           cut -f8 -d' ' | \
           sed s/[\'#%]//g`; do vos release -id $i; done;

That's close. And ugly. And probably unnecessary for home volumes. I 
don't think you really want to do this.
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