[OpenAFS] OpenAFS 1.3.71 and MIT for Windows 2.6.5

ted creedon tcreedon@easystreet.com
Wed, 22 Sep 2004 07:13:30 -0800

 And might even be in the documentatio?


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Try the latest daily builds:


You can use "aklog.exe -5 -m" to force the use of krb524.
You can also add a new registry value "Use524" (see registry.txt) which will
force afscreds.exe and afslogon.dll to use krb524.

This is a short term solution.  The administrator of your cell must figure
out how to move away from the krb524 hack.  krb524 is not going to be useful
much longer.

Jeffrey Altman

Mike Dopheide wrote:
> As it stands, I can get KfW 2.6.5 and OpenAFS 1.3.71 to work as long 
> as I have Wake doing the ticket->token conversion.
> -Mike