[OpenAFS] Problem: OpenAFS 1.3.71, WinXP SP2, libafsconf.dll

Lars Schimmer schimmer@cg.cs.tu-bs.de
Thu, 30 Sep 2004 11:15:13 +0200

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Jeffrey Altman wrote:
| Lars Schimmer wrote:
|> Ok, problem partly solved.
|> User installed 1.3.6500 on XP SP1, under custom path.
|> User updated to 1.3.7100 without deleting preferences.
|> OpenAFS 1.3.7100 didn't start up at all.
|> Deleting 1.3.7100 and reinstall under Program files gave the the problem
|> described with no afsconfig.dll
|> So, deleted all afs files found and the ms loopback adapter, install the
|> 1.3.6500 AND copy all the dlls from common to AFS Dir, AFS service runs
|> and user get token. But the config of service doesn't work, we had to
|> call the afsconfig.exe by hand to config the client.
|> After all: VERY confusing with path and .dll's.
|> Why are so many files left on the PC AFTER deinstall OpenAFS? The
|> registry isn't cleaned, the path seems to be false...
| Files are going to be left behind if you manually move them from
| their installed locations.  There should be no reason to be moving
| files from where they are installed.

No, they wasn't moved by hand.
At least it is not my machine so I can't research further in the lost overs.
It´s a bit confusing at all...

|> | That problem is called "dll hell".
|> | Tedc
|> Another Problem: OpenAFS fails to start and hits errors if it can't
|> write the AFSCache on Windows2000. Very obscure enforcer hits, but the
|> logfile showed the problem :-)
| The AFS Cache file is required.  What would you prefer the service to
| do when it cannot start?

It should clearly print out "can't establish AFSCache File" in an
requester or anything like that, but it should not DIE with an cryptic
error code and an page fault....

| Jeffrey Altman

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