[OpenAFS] windows and alternate networking configuration

Christopher D. Clausen cclausen@acm.org
Sun, 5 Feb 2006 15:40:06 -0600

I have Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition with SP1 installed on my laptop 
(don't ask, but yes I really do need the enterprise edition of Windows 
Server.)  I am using the "Alternate Configuration" to specify a static 
IP address for when I am at work and there is no DHCP as per: 
This works quite well, I get an address from DHCP when there is a DHCP 
server on the network and my connection gets set to the static IP if 
there is no DHCP answer.

However, it seems that this confuses the OpenAFS client.  (I am 
currently running 1.4.1-rc6 in freelance mode.)  There are lots of "CB: 
WhoAreYou failed for, error -01" messages in the 
FileLog when I am not at that IP address and the AFS client seems to 
take a long time to access any AFS paths.  fs checks fails and this 
normally seems to correct any problems that I've had:
C:\>fs checks
fs: code 0x0

I have even reinstalled the client, deleting the AFSCache file in 
between and I still see the "WhoAreYou failed" messages on my servers. 
And since there are about 10 times as many messages for that IP than all 
others combined, I figure that something isn't right.

Have others had this problem?  Is anyone using the Alternate networking 
configuration and NOT having this problem?

My servers are running:
F:\>for /l %i in (1,1,4) do @rxdebug afs%i -version
Trying (port 7000):
AFS version:  OpenAFS 1.4.1-rc2 built  2005-12-12
Trying (port 7000):
AFS version:  OpenAFS 1.4.1-rc5 built  2006-01-27
Trying (port 7000):
AFS version:  OpenAFS 1.4.1-rc4 built  2006-01-15
Trying (port 7000):
AFS version:  OpenAFS 1.4.0 built  2005-12-11

I know that just setting up DHCP would be a solution, but that isn't 
going to happen immediately.  Any other ideas on fixing this would be 

Christopher D. Clausen