[OpenAFS] /usr/sbin/afsd --impatient

Ken Hornstein kenh@cmf.nrl.navy.mil
Tue, 14 Feb 2006 12:05:38 -0500

>Is there any way to make sure that the cache manager never waits for
>more than (say) 5 seconds for a response?  By which I mean that if the
>server fails to respond after 5 seconds, assume it's never coming back
>and return EIO to the caller or something like that.

In the interests of solving the _real_ problem ... I am wondering if
any of the following things would help:

- Using -fakestat or -fakestat-all as an option to afsd

- Using -dynroot, and distributing an empty CellServDB and using -afsdb
  to look up cell info.  This prevents you from having a bazillion foreign
  cells in /afs, which in my experience really makes the finder unhappy
  (although -fakestat and -fakestat-all help in this regard).

- Make your afs root volume have a small number of AFS cells.

I did run into a problem where the OS X client would never completely
time out ... although that was with one of the older RC releases, and I
never got a chance to completely track it down and submit a bug