[OpenAFS] Connection timeouts

tedc tcreedon@easystreet.com
Wed, 15 Feb 2006 08:37:44 -0800

Jeffrey Altman wrote:
> The real problem is not in the client but in the file server.
> 1.4.1-rc7 should fix the remaining problems associated with
> tracking clients behind NATs.
> Of course, you could always get rid of your NAT.
There are 2 NATS; I could certainly dispense with the server NAT but 
when travelling its almost a certaintly that there will be a client NAT 
at the remote site.

The current news is that for whatever reason, the remote Linux client 
seems to be up continuously for the last 24 hours after fs checks 
-interval 30.

The windows client seems to be stable too.

AFS is really a great tool.

Thanks for all your efforts.


> Jeffrey Altman
> ted creedon wrote:
>> Yes, 
>> I read that in the docs..
>> So what provisions are needed to keep packets from being dropped..
>> Tedc