[OpenAFS] Re: Enquiry about Linux rpms needed to install OpenAFS on Redhat3.0

Amrish amrishsh@yahoo.com
Mon, 20 Feb 2006 22:37:01 +0000 (UTC)

Derek Atkins <warlord <at> MIT.EDU> writes:

> If you actually looked at the RPMS available, you would have noticed that
> the files in i686 are all kernel modules.  All the core packages are
> in i386.   You also might have noticed a package called "openafs-server".
> Starting from there you could have discovered that it depends on "openafs".
> And there you go, that's what you need for an AFS Server.
> Note however that you do need an AFS Client in order to configure a new AFS
> Cell.  But if you just want to add a server to an existing cell you can do
> it without a client.
> Enjoy!
> -derek

I have downloaded the rpms. But the question is there seems to be a mismatch
between the documentation on openafs site since that talks about copying kernel
modules and startup script from the CD which does not exist as we are installing
the rpms. 
So how do we get the kernel modules and the script? Any ideas?
Has anyone installed on RHEL3.0 Update6 with working rpms and a correct
documentation which they can share with?