[OpenAFS] Moving content of /vicep w/o 'vos {backup,restore}?

Turbo Fredriksson turbo@bayour.com
Thu, 01 Jun 2006 10:46:46 +0200

I need to move my /vicepb to another partirtion due to space

I have to partitions that needs to be swapped:

1. /dev/md/2 => /vicepb   => 267G, 208G free, 45G used
2. /dev/md/1 => /var/mail => 133G,  63G free, 63G used

The problem is that /var/mail is always getting full (I have
bacula backup files and other stuff there as well in a hidden
directory due to space restrictions on the rest of the filesystems).

The VICEPb will probably NEVER (in the near future) get
above 133Gb. So I'd like to swap the filesystems so that
VICEPb uses /dev/md/1 and vise versa....

But I'd like to do this as 'quickly' and 'painless' as
possible. It's easier and quicker to backup the mail directory
to tape, mkfs it and 'cd /vicepb && find | cpio -vp /var/mail'.
Naturaly with the file- and mailserver (etc!) down...

But will the fileserver like this? Will all AFS specifics (ACLs etc)
be preserved? I've learned that you should _NEVER_ touch any files
in the VICEP directories... ?

Doing a 'vos backup ; vos remove ; vos restore' will take ages
and so will a 'vos move' (provided I put the /dev/md/1 partition
as /vicepa temporarily) and I don't want to risk that the filesystem
I'm using as a temporary storage fails/crashes. Happened once before
when i lost the /vicepb - luckily I had a extreamly resent full backup
on tape that time, but it took a day or two to do the restore.

I'm quite sure that I've seen this question before, but I've
been looking for an hour or more for it and haven't found anything.
Google isn't a friend of mine so to speak :).

OpenAFS fileserver is (still!) 1.2.11. All client software etc
is 1.4.0, kernel and it's module is