*** Spam *** Re: [OpenAFS] Moving content of /vicep w/o 'vos {backup,restore}?

Kim Kimball dhk@ccre.com
Thu, 01 Jun 2006 08:58:59 -0600

Christof Hanke wrote:
> Do you use a NAMEI-fileserver ?
> If yes,
> you can move the files (while the fileserver being down.).
> Just make sure you preserve all the unix file-attributes, so use 
> something like
> cd /vicep<old>
> tar -cf - | tar -C /vicep<new> -x
> Then startup the fileserver again.
> I have never used an inode server and don't know what happens if you 
> try that above, but I guess it will destroy all your data.
> Christof
WRT _inode_ vicep's:

tar will not see the volume contents on an inode server.

Instead it will nicely create an archive of only the volume header 
files, /vicep*/V*.vol

Removing the volume header files from the original vicep unusable, and 
the target vicep will have only volume headers and no data, and will 
also be unusable.

I don't know if copying the volume headers back to the originating vicep 
would be sufficient to repair an inode vicep.  I don't see why not but 
I've never tried it.


> Turbo Fredriksson wrote:
>> I need to move my /vicepb to another partirtion due to space
>> restrictions.
>> I have to partitions that needs to be swapped:
>> 1. /dev/md/2 => /vicepb   => 267G, 208G free, 45G used
>> 2. /dev/md/1 => /var/mail => 133G,  63G free, 63G used
>> The problem is that /var/mail is always getting full (I have
>> bacula backup files and other stuff there as well in a hidden
>> directory due to space restrictions on the rest of the filesystems).
>> The VICEPb will probably NEVER (in the near future) get
>> above 133Gb. So I'd like to swap the filesystems so that
>> VICEPb uses /dev/md/1 and vise versa....
>> But I'd like to do this as 'quickly' and 'painless' as
>> possible. It's easier and quicker to backup the mail directory
>> to tape, mkfs it and 'cd /vicepb && find | cpio -vp /var/mail'.
>> Naturaly with the file- and mailserver (etc!) down...
>> But will the fileserver like this? Will all AFS specifics (ACLs etc)
>> be preserved? I've learned that you should _NEVER_ touch any files
>> in the VICEP directories... ?
>> Doing a 'vos backup ; vos remove ; vos restore' will take ages
>> and so will a 'vos move' (provided I put the /dev/md/1 partition
>> as /vicepa temporarily) and I don't want to risk that the filesystem
>> I'm using as a temporary storage fails/crashes. Happened once before
>> when i lost the /vicepb - luckily I had a extreamly resent full backup
>> on tape that time, but it took a day or two to do the restore.
>> I'm quite sure that I've seen this question before, but I've
>> been looking for an hour or more for it and haven't found anything.
>> Google isn't a friend of mine so to speak :).
>> OpenAFS fileserver is (still!) 1.2.11. All client software etc
>> is 1.4.0, kernel and it's module is
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