[OpenAFS] RE: fileserver and /vicepa

Brady Catherman bradyc@uidaho.edu
Sat, 03 Jun 2006 16:11:04 -0700

One big huge issue with the /vicepa requirement is that it is a total  
pain to get Mac OS to mount drives in /vicepa rather than /Volumes/ 
vicepa.. (Not that this really matters all that much but it would  
make like 10 times easier if /Volumes/vicepa would work =)

On Jun 3, 2006, at 2:53 AM, vladimir konrad wrote:

>> just a crazy thought, would not symlink work (/vicepa -> /some/ 
>> directory/elsewhere)?
> i just realised that i could do a loop device and mount that on / 
> vicepa . that should work (maybe bit
> slover but this does not matter at the moment)...