[OpenAFS] Re: trouble deleting corrupt volume

Wes Chow wchow@athenacr.com
Mon, 05 Jun 2006 12:45:44 -0400

Joe Buehler wrote:
> Wes Chow wrote:
>> And when I try to zap it:
>> wchow@ein:~/vols$ vos zap fs0.dev /vicepa dfs.200510
>> Warning: Entry for volume number 536942164 exists in VLDB (but we're
>> zapping it anyway!)Could not start transaction on volume 536942164
>> Volume needs to be salvaged
>> Error in vos zap command.
>> Volume needs to be salvaged
> Add the -force option.  It is likely to come back if you
> salvage though.  :-(

Any idea on how to keep it off?  I -forced it, and it disappeared from
the "vos listvol" output, at least.  But when I tried to addsite to
bring it back, I got this:

wchow@ein:~/vols$ vos addsite fs0.dev /vicepa dfs.200510
Added replication site fs0.dev /vicepa for volume dfs.200510
wchow@ein:~/vols$ vos release dfs.200510 -verbose

    RWrite: 536942164     ROnly: 536942165
    number of sites -> 3
       server fs1.dev.in.athenacr.com partition /vicepb RW Site
       server hippo.dev.in.athenacr.com partition /vicepb RO Site
       server fs0.dev.in.athenacr.com partition /vicepa RO Site  -- Not
This is a complete release of volume 536942164
Cloning RW volume 536942164 to temporary RO... done
Getting status of RW volume 536942164... done
Ending cloning transaction on RW volume 536942164... done
Starting transaction on cloned volume 536942165... done
Updating existing ro volume 536942165 on hippo.dev.in.athenacr.com ...
Starting ForwardMulti from 536942165 to 536942165 on
hippo.dev.in.athenacr.com (as of Tue Dec  6 17:27:18 2005).
Creating new volume 536942165 on replication site
fs0.dev.in.athenacr.com: Failed to create the ro volume: : Input/output
The volume 536942164 could not be released to the following 1 sites:
                    fs0.dev.in.athenacr.com /vicepa
VOLSER: release could not be completed
Error in vos release command.
VOLSER: release could not be completed

And now it's back in "vos listvol" output like it was before.  :(



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