[OpenAFS] recovering corrupted save on file

David Bear David.Bear@asu.edu
Wed, 7 Jun 2006 18:43:49 -0700

We have one room in one building that on occasion has some very
strange network disruption. It last about 8 minutes. When it clears
everything works fine.

The problem is that if someone has a file stored in an afs server open
on their client, AND they perform a save when the network has its
tantrum, the file is corrupted; either truncated to 0 bytes or filled
with garbage.

Is there any possible way to recover a file like this from the local
cache manager? I assume the local machine would commit some form of
the file to the local disk -- stored by the cache manager and then
actual write to the network would happen later. 

Of course we are trying to troubleshoot the network -- but at this
university that's not something that happens very fast... especially
when the problem is only intermittent.
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