[OpenAFS] batche queueing system

Rich Sudlow rich@nd.edu
Wed, 21 Jun 2006 16:22:55 -0400

Miles Davis wrote:
> Does anybody have a recommendation for a good batch queueing system that 
> works with (or can be made to work with) kerberos/afs? I already have 
> somewhat of a system in place for executing jobs under a separate AFS id 
> using keytabs, and I've used that with Sun Grid Engine in the past, but 
> I'd like to hear what others are using.

We started using SGE when it was Gridware in early 2001
-  The reason we selected it was because it supported AFS using
  GetToken / SetToken and was heterogeneous. These are compiled C 
programs which take the token from the kernel and send it with the batch 

There's a -afs flag when installing the SGE MASTER. (inst_sgeee)
I've also been told that there's a similiar option for Kerberos
but never used it.

We actually run SGE spool space in AFS space - This works great now
that the OpenAFS fileservers are stable ;-) - there are some things
you might look at with IP based ACL's too.

In last weeks Implementing GRID iinteroperability presentation
at AFS & Kerb Best Practices Workshop - Dr Bracco mentioned operation
similiar to that of SGE being available in LSF.


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