[OpenAFS] Using volumes for daemons

Caskey L. Dickson caskey@technocage.com
Sat, 24 Jun 2006 19:42:07 -0700

I'm curious as to whether you can use AFS volumes for the storage 
locations of services like openldap, mysql and postgresql.  All three 
use database files which are held open for long periods of time and 
normally would require large amounts of local storage.

I'm not looking for AFS to provide replication of the databases, just an 
alternative to data being stored locally on quasi-stable disks.  We're 
already moving 'home dir' type data to a set of AFS servers and would 
like to leverage the pool of reliable, redundant disks we use for this, 
for some of our services.

If this is possible, are there any restrictions with regard to the local 
cache size versus the largest file being accessed?  I understand the 
files are stored/transferred in slices/chunks of 64KB or so, does this 
mean that dirty chunks are sent back to the volume server similarly when 
the cache fills up?  Even if the cache is, say 100M and the file is 1G?

Thanks for all the info/help.