[OpenAFS] extreme slowness on windows client

David Bear David.Bear@asu.edu
Wed, 28 Jun 2006 09:33:32 -0700

On Tue, Jun 27, 2006 at 11:37:53PM -0400, Jeffrey Altman wrote:
> David Bear wrote:
> > I have recently noted on two separate windows XP system (with sp2
> > installed and openafs 1.4.xxx current stable release as of yesterday)
> > that opening items in afs space is very slow. I googled for this and
> > ran across some old notes from around 2003 but didn't think they would
> > apply any longer.
> > 
> > The event logged has the following:
> > Pkt straddled session startup, took 117125 ms, ncb length 81.
> > 
> > cm_Analyze: HardDeadTime exceeded..
> There was a request that took the AFS Cache manager 117 seconds
> to reply to.  In that time, the CIFS client timed out and broke
> the virtual connection to the AFS CIFS server.
> > Google reveals that event 1009 may be a server related error, ie the
> > fileserver is too busy. But I've check with our afs server
> > administrator and there were no load issues at all.
> >
> > The really strange thing is that all I did was convert these system
> > from using static to dynamic ip addresses. They do not go through any
> > NAT or other ip mungers (that I am aware of).
> > 
> > Any idea what I might look for?
> Follow the instructions in the OpenAFS for Windows release notes.
> Use the SysInternal's FileMon and DbgView tools to figure out what
> requests Windows is making and map them to the internal processing
> in the AFS Cache Manager to figure out why they are taking so long
> to complete.

well, this may be the only way, but it won't work. Both these systems
are used constantly by their primary users. I can't send them home for
a day while I do this.

Are there any other known interactions that could be a problem?
We have Checkpoint secure remote installed in the system, as well as
Exceed (X windows and tn3270 client), and all the microsoft fixpacks.

> Jeffrey Altman

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