[OpenAFS] Authentication error: Failed reading application request

Pucky Loucks ploucks@pixpo.com
Wed, 1 Mar 2006 16:05:09 -0800

So I've got MIT kerberos up and running in my dev Cell and it's  
great.  Thanks to all those who help regarding my last post.

Now I'm a little confused, regarding the changing of a password,  
should I be using the MIT kpasswd or the openafs one?  using the MIT  
I get the error that is in the subject line, using the openafs  
version it times out (I'm thinking this is cuz kaserver is shutoff)  
Do I need to configure something on the afsdb nodes to pass the  
changes to the kerberos server? Or should I be looking into why the  
MIT kpasswd isn't working.