[OpenAFS] OpenAFS Windows client will not map drives

Rodney M Dyer rmdyer@uncc.edu
Fri, 03 Mar 2006 15:03:30 -0500

At 02:45 PM 3/3/2006, Jeffrey Altman wrote:
>The GINA is not going to be involved in the CIFS communication.
>The afslogon.dll is not required for that either.

I understand this.  I only mention the GINA because, to put it bluntly, I 
don't like how the Novell client works on Windows.  When a Novell user logs 
on to Windows XP the GINA will create them a temporary local XP account and 
profile on the fly to logon with.  This is not something I find 
appealing.  The Novell client in most IT groups also starts Novell logon 
scripts for mapping drives at logon by the administration, as well as 
starts a number of other Novell'esk utilities like the application launcher 
and the Zen client.  Frankly, Novell is a cumbersome beast, and removing 
the GINA gets rid of some problems.  You need to keep the Novell provider 
in the authentication provider list because Novell won't map Novell drives 
properly without it.  Of course we can use the Novell client in this way in 
our own IT environment because we have a full AD domain network to begin 
with.  Eg, we don't neccessarily need the Novell client (it's optional), 
the user can already logon the XP workstation using their own AD creds.  In 
other Novell IT groups, this may not be the case, in which doing it the way 
I suggest will definitely break the logon.

For reference we are running:  OpenAFS 1.4.0008 and Novell 4903sp2.