[OpenAFS] Is OpenAFS for me?

Juha Jäykkä juolja@utu.fi
Tue, 07 Mar 2006 18:41:57 +0200

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Ah, forgot one thing from my previous post... =3D)

> > 2) Expandable. Can I add another 400-500GB drive to a new computer and
> > add it to an existing OpenAFS volume?
>    No.  Not without some sort of layer below AFS.  All AFS volumes
>    live in an existing filesystem on the server.  If the server has
>    the capability to grow a filesystem unbeknownst to AFS that
>    might work (but I personally am not aware of any such thing).

LVM does that easily. I never (unless I have to - like for AFS disc cache)
use any other disc-filesystems any more except XFS on an LVM2 (or
equivalent) volume. This gives me lvextend to grow the volume *on-line*
and xfs_growfs to grow the filesystem *on-line*. (There is no
xfs_shrinkfs, but well, it's not very often one would need to shrink a
filesystem.) Users and software never notice a thing, except that "df"
suddenly shows more free space.

OpenAFS is no exception: all our /vicepa:s are on LVM2 volumes and I have
adjusted the sizes of those LVM volumes and respective XFS filesystems
quite some times. Vos happily shows more space after the operation and
setting a new quota allows me to use the new space.


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