[OpenAFS] Re: aklog claims it can't contact KDC, but KDC is issuing tickets

Adam Megacz megacz@cs.berkeley.edu
Tue, 07 Mar 2006 10:53:11 -0800

Just got some results back.  Most importantly, I got the ktrace.out
(MacOS equivalent of truss/strace dump) from the user.  I'm going to
analyze it this afternoon.  Getting a traceroute packet dump is going
to be more of a challenge since MacOS doesn't ship with traceroute

More info follows:

>   kvno afs/research.cs.berkeley.edu@RESEARCH.CS.BERKELEY.EDU
>   (I suspect you'll get the same error as you did from aklog; if you
>   didn't, that would be interesting).

Yes, same error.

> - What's the output of "klist" after you run aklog?  That could tell you
>   where the problem is.

Kerberos 5 ticket cache: 'API:Initial default ccache'
Default principal: *****@EECS.BERKELEY.EDU

Valid Starting     Expires            Service Principal
03/07/06 07:35:59  03/07/06 17:35:59  krbtgt/
         renew until 03/14/06 07:35:59
03/07/06 07:35:59  03/07/06 17:35:59  krbtgt/
         renew until 03/14/06 07:35:59

  - a

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