[OpenAFS] Re: aklog claims it can't contact KDC, but KDC is issuing tickets

Adam Megacz megacz@cs.berkeley.edu
Tue, 07 Mar 2006 10:59:04 -0800

Jeffrey Altman <jaltman@secure-endpoints.com> writes:
> Diagnosis:  Firewall configuration blocks in bound UDP traffic from

I suspected this as well, but found it highly improbable that his NAT
would treat traffic from the two realms differently (they're both on
the same departmental network on campus).

> Now this could be a broken NAT.  It would be a NAT that is incapable
> of opening a port to allow traffic from two source addresses at the
> same time.

Ah, now *that* makes sense!

>  * kinit *****@EECS.BERKELEY.EDU
>  * aklog -d -c research.cs.berkeley.edu

> What this will do is force the acquisition of the cross-realm TGT to
> use a different port on the client machine than the one that is used
> for the afs service ticket request.

Hrm, okay.  I certainly trust your word, but could you perhaps explain
to me how/why adding the "kvno" command to the usual authentication
sequence forces use of a different port?

Thanks again; this is the most promising lead yet.

  - a

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