[OpenAFS] OpenAFS on mandriva linux 2006

Paul Johnson pauljohn32@gmail.com
Mon, 27 Mar 2006 13:41:58 -0600

I use Fedora Core 4 and have also installed openAFS on Redhat EL.  I
believe Mandriva is an RPM based distribution and so you should stick
with the rpm approach.

Note you need 2 packages to make openAFS work. THere is the
openafs-client rpm, and there is another RPM that matched EXACTLY with
your current kernel version.  If you don't have the matching module,
nothing happens, as you noticed.

So, build your own module.  Get the openafs src.rpm file from their
web site. If you install that, it drops source code somewhere in your
rpm build location.  I don't know where that is in your system.  In
mine, it is customized by a file in m y home called ~/.rpmmacros.=20
Anyway, in that special place, there will be a directories RPMS,

rpm -ivh openafs-xxx.src.rpm

you can look that over.

In theory, the SPEC file says you should not need to install the
src.rpm file, but rather you can simply build it.  It says:

To a kernel module for your running kernel, just run:
  rpmbuild --rebuild --target=3D`uname -m`

(all one line)

That builds the module, you still have to run

rpmbuild --rebuild openafs-%{pkgvers}-%{osvers}.%{pkgrel}.src.rpm

to build the client.

I did not have good luck with the --rebuild approach, so I did the
install of the src.rpm so I could study their source code.  One
advantage of this approach is that they include configuration files in
the SOURCES directory, and you can edit those configs to match your
site.  Then, after you build your RPM, then your openafs client will
not need configuration.  This has been great for me running a small
computer lab.

In the SPEC directory, you do this

rpmbuild -ba openafs.spec

and that will build the main openafs client.

Then you run rpmbuild again with an option to tell it your kernel.=20
Read inside the spec file and it claims that you can rebuild with

 rpmbuild --ba --target=3D`uname -m` openafs.spec

Good luck. Write back to the list with questions.

You may need to install other RPMS from Mandriva for this to work. You
probably need whatever kernel packages they have for development. In
Fedora, it is called kernel-devel now, but before it was kernel-source
or kernel-header.  So stay on your toes.

I'd advise you to avoid doing "make; make install" type builds until
you know more about linux because you can create problems from which
the rpm system cannot recover.

On 3/27/06, Matteo Alfonsi <matteo.alfonsi@lnf.infn.it> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to install an afs client (I need only the client) on mandriva
> 2006 linux. In particular:
> # uname -a
> Linux 2.6.12-12mdk #1 Fri Sep 9 18:15:22 CEST 2005 i686 Intel(R)
> Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.06GHz unknown GNU/Linux
> In the release page there isn't a rpm for this distribution.
> My first attempt was to install the rpm I found on the contrib mirrors
> on the Mandriva distribution, but I failed because, at the end of all
> the other problems, i cannot find (or understand which is/how to) the
> module to load into the kernel.
> So I tried to download the sources from www.openafs.org, and, following
> "INSTALL" instruction, I did the usual configure+make+make install
> And now?
> The documentation i downloaded in the same page seems completely
> uncorrelated with the things i'm doing, because they speak about a
> cd-rom, but I don't have it! I downloaded the sources!
> Refering to this documentation, i'm at the step "Loading AFS into the
> Linux Kernel", but where can i find the dir "modload" to copy in
> /usr/vice/etc
> Moreover I'm a bit in trouble because all the attempt I made inserted a
> lot of different "afs","afsd","libafs"..etc files in the whole
> filesystem and all is confusing. Luckly, i made this last attempt in a
> different day, so i can distinguish the newest files by date, but when i
> launched the "make install", all the compiled material should be
> transferred to their specific dirs. Which are these dirs? (I launched
> configure without options)
> Thanks a lot
> Matteo Alfonsi
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