[OpenAFS] Problem with AFS-Authentication and Apache-Option

Patrick Holz patrick.holz@uni-koeln.de
Thu, 30 Mar 2006 10:31:13 +0200


I'm new at this list so I'm sorry in advance if I repeat an already
answered question. I'm using Mod_Auth_PAM (with PAM_AFS) to enable my
Apache server to access a directory which is lying in AFS. Users have to
login with their AFS account when trying to access this directory. The
apache token then gets substituted by the user's token for this session.
That works fine, as long as they enter a special filename within the
directory at the end of the URL. But if only the path to the directory
is entered, Apache doesn't deliver the content of it (the Option
"Indexes" is set in the httpd.conf) as it does when I do without the
restriction, so the browser waits endless without doing anything.

Has anyone of you got an idea, where the problem could be? I
experimented with various Apache options like "MinSpareServers" or
"MaxRequestsPerChild", but none of that worked. So I suppose the problem
could be in the AFS authentication mechanism itself.

Thanks for your help in advance.

CU, Patrick