[OpenAFS] Fedora 5

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
Thu, 30 Mar 2006 15:39:02 -0500

Quoting Jason McCormick <jasonmc@cert.org>:

> Derek Atkins wrote:
>> 2) The default FC5 kernel doesn't work with PAGs (although this is fixed
>>    in an update kernel that should be out soon)
> Just out of curiosity, what does this mean?  I've been rebuilding the
> FC4 kernels to remove the "Read-Only" patch so PAGs will work.  Is this
> something with keyring support or is this a complete removal of the
> read-only patch?  Sorry if I missed this elsewhere on the lists, I
> usually read lists in batch.

The exact kernel problems with FC5's distributed kernel have been
discused here (and on -devel) for a while.  Please go read the archives.

> - Jason


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