[OpenAFS] Updated Windows Page

ted creedon tcreedon@easystreet.com
Sun, 3 Sep 2006 07:56:43 -0700

How do you want 1.5.8 tested?

Win 1.5.8 > stable 1.4.x server where x=?
Linux 1.5.8 client > stable 1.4.x server where x=?

Then what combination for testing the 1.5.8 server?

Does 1.5.8 compile on a 2.6.16-13 kernel SuSE 10.1 box yet?

Is a speedier version of fs trace in the works?


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Jeffrey Altman wrote:
> I have spent the last few hours updating the OpenAFS Windows page to
> include an extensive list of all known bugs for each of the current
> releases:
>  * 1.4.1
>  * 1.4.2fc2 (aka 1-4-2-rc2)
>  * 1.5.7
> I probably should have done this quite some time ago as it makes it
> very clear why we need to be able to improve the rate at which we can
> get final candidates tested and out the door.  The list of bugs in 1.4.1
> is quite long and some of them are serious.  To the best of my knowledge
> they are all fixed in 1.4.2fc2.
> There is one serious data corruption error in 1.5.7 that will be fixed
> in the forthcoming 1.5.8 release.  Derrick and I hope to get 1.5.8 out
> sometime this weekend.

I should have pointed out that the URL for this page is


Jeffrey Altman